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In-Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone & Apple Approved Remote
Our first speakers came out in 1982 and fans still scour the Web to buy used versions of those originals. That should tell you something about the quality of our speakers. Paradigm SHIFT™ products are designed for audio on the go. Today, people listen to audio through portable devices. But what about the quality of that audio? Despite what many brands would have you believe, at Paradigm we believe audio should sound as good as it looks!
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    Paradigm's E2i in-ear headphones were designed to deliver the full audio spectrum with unbelievable clarity and perfect tonal balance with deep bass performance. Built in to the E2i is a microphone for making calls and an Apple approved phone remote with volume control. The combination of a thicker cord in a thermoplastic elastomer not only delivers greater flexibility, it also resists tangling. The new 90-degree right angle is a feature customers have asked us for — it offers added flexibility, particularly when the earbud's 3.5-mm connector is not directly inline with the device plugged in.

    Paradigm's unique understanding of what makes a speaker sound magical in a listening room is applied to the design of our in-ear headphones. Unlike other brands, we used sophisticated measurement tools and proprietary algorithms while accounting for the psycho-acoustic effects of the ear structure in developing our design. This allowed us to faithfully reproduce the performance of Paradigm's freestanding loudspeakers in an in-ear headphone.
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