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Once upon a time, flat-panel TVs mounted to the wall were five to six inches deep. Today’s new ultra-slim displays can protrude as little as an inch and a half from the wall! These slim designs can be dwarfed by conventional on-wall speaker designs. Enter the new on-wall Millenia LP. Even next to the thinnest flat panels, the LP won’t have to suck in its tummy. Including hardware it’s less than 1-3/4˝ thin. Installation is the easiest yet in a reference on-wall … just hang it on the wall. To top it off, while we lost inches, we didn’t lose an ounce of sonic muscle.
  • Details

    Dual High-Velocity Passive Radiators used instead of ports to attain the desired bass extension in this minimal internal volume design. Solid and stable, the mica-loaded polypropylene ensures clean, clear and articulate bass, free from audible vibrations and resonances.

    Two state-of-the-art 4-1/2˝ Mica-Loaded Co-Polymer Polypropylene Bass/Midrange Cones. Perfectly balanced cone density. High-grade polypropylene means distortion’s not even worth a mention. The infusion of mica adds stiffness and the injection-molding ensures critical shape so the cone stays true to form, even during a gruelling workout. The proprietary elastomer surround ensures a high-strength bond when the cone’s getting physical with a Terminator type movie.

    1˝ state-of-the-art S-PAL™ Satin-Anodized Dome. Ferro-fluid cooled and damped. Deep-anodized for dome rigidity. Paired with a low-mass treated textile suspension. Highs are spacious, silky smooth and well extended.
    State-of-the-art crossovers! Minimal crossover networks because the drivers are designed so incredibly well! In fact, integration is audibly seamless across the full range of frequencies.

    No install, just hang ‘em on the wall!
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