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Beyond the hype, other in-wall speaker brands simply can’t come close to this kind of performance. The SA-LCR 3 in-wall system is designed for music and movie enthusiasts who demand the award-winning performance delivered by our freestanding Paradigm Reference Studio speakers, but within a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Details

    Exceptional Installation Flexibility
    … install three SA-LCR 3’s in the wall behind a perforated screen or in a Left / Center / Right configuration around an on-wall display. Used as a center channel, the unified tweeter / midrange assembly can be rotated 90°. The precision and accuracy of the crossover design maintains the proper dispersion pattern between drivers and the interaction between drivers and baffle, preserving sonic integrity.
    Why a Backbox is an Integral Part of the In-Wall Design?
    Installing the high-end SA-LCR 3 into its backbox serves a number of purposes:
    Required support for the speaker mounting frame and baffle assembly;
    In concert with the IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™ system removes opportunity for unwanted resonances or standing waves to color output;
    Ensures optimum volume—improving overall sound quality, promoting deep, clear and concise bass response while helping to reduce distortion to inaudible levels;
    Reduces acoustic bleed-through to adjacent rooms.
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