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While much has changed in the world over thirty years, one thing remains constant: our universal love of music. The soul's desire to make music and the exquisite joy in listening. And as long as the world is listening, Paradigm will continue to innovate, exploring new ways to convey the unexplainable magic that is music. A breathtaking new aesthetic meets equally breathtaking sound quality in a series that celebrates our roots: two-channel listening. Made in Canada. Hand-polished Dark Garnet Gloss finish.
  • Details

    P-Be™ Pure-Beryllium Tweeter Domes: Beryllium was first used in our ultra-high-end Signature Series speakers, chosen for its exceptional thermal, physical and mechanical properties. It is lighter than diamond or aluminum with unmatched rigidity. Anniversary Series response is instantaneous and uniform. Elevating the tweeter dome ever so slightly promoted optimal off-axis dispersion.
    Die-Cast Chassis with Diffraction Control Architecture: The die-cast aluminum eliminates flexing and ringing while also providing a heatsink for superior power handling. The anti-diffraction cross-hatching visible across the elegant tweeter panel prevents edge diffraction and other unwanted sound reflections from interfering with sound output.
    Ferro-Fluid Cooled and Damped Motor Structures: Ferro-fluid cooling promotes extended frequency response and superb power handling. High-temperature copper voice coils and ventilated Apical™ formers ensure accuracy, reliability and linearity.
    Powerful Neodymium Magnet Structure: Promotes an extremely high field force in the magnetic gap.
    Vented Soft-Iron Magnetic Pole Piece: Computer-optimized to work in tandem with the magnet to concentrate flux on the voice coil.
    Rear Volume Piece: Shaped and sized to deliver that sought-after ‘rear-chamber’ effect in which opportunities for unwanted resonances to colour output are dramatically reduced by the increase in chamber volume.
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