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Rotel has released two new multichannel amplifiers—both aimed squarely at the home theater market. The first, and smaller of the two, is the RMB-1555. This is an update (of sorts) to the RMB-1565 (we know, we've never seen a model number go down like this either) currently offered by Rotel. The RMB-1555 has a bump up of 20 watts per channel over the previous model which brings it up to 120 watts into 8 ohms. It features discrete output transistors, heavy-duty speaker terminals, and unbalanced RCA-style inputs.
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    The biggest difference between the new RMB-1555 and the older RMB-1565 is the amplifier type. The older model was a Class D design while the new one is Class A/B. We're not sure if this is in reaction to sales or amplifier trends. We are not seeing a lot of Class D amps being released any more, so Rotel may be moving away from those types of products. It could just be that they are expanding their home theater amplifier offerings to include both amp types as well. This amp weighs in at 31.6 pounds but is only rated into 8 ohms.
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