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Brightest, most advanced displays in the TITAN product line
Solutions-oriented Powerhouse with Brightness to Spare
Digital Projection presents a revolution in advanced 3-chip DLP displays with the new TITAN Quad 2000 product line. Incredibly compact and efficient for its lumen performance, the TITAN Quad 2000 series incorporates DP’s active 3D connectivity, Intelligent Lens Mount, ColorMax calibration technology, and a host of vital professional features to suit almost any commercial installation or staging application imaginable. As efficient as they are capable, the introduction of the 20,000 lumen TITAN Quad 2000 lineup marks the world’s first projectors of this brightness, in a chassis with such a small form factor.

The award-winning TITAN Quad 2000 platform provides the user with advanced Warp and Blend capabilities, including the ability to make extensive geometric warp correction for screens with complex geometry. Superbly capable edge blending and multi-projector tiling is provided by way of high bit depth processing that ensures a seamless, contiguous image can be created from multiple projectors. Additionally, end users can choose to utilize the TITAN Quad 2000’s onboard tiling function by assigning each projector a position within an image matrix. The video processing then automatically extracts the appropriate segment of the input image and enables blending for the appropriate edges.
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