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Internet in a Barn

techcorner technical specialists help the Thyfault Performance Horses training facility in Shelby Ohio with a huge time-saver.

When Missy Thyfault needed high-speed Internet access in her barn (but couldn’t run cables over 250 feet from her house) she called the technical specialists at techcorner for help.

Technology and Internet access have become necessities for running a horse training business” says Missy who owns and operates a successful equestrian training facility in Shelby, Ohio.

Missy reflects, “I take videos of horses for sale and post them to YouTube every day. I don’t have time to go back into the house to upload my videos and documents. I needed my high-speed Internet connection to be accessible from the barn.” Missy added, “My

customers have come to expect Internet access from the barn as well”.

With high speed internet service already in the house, Missy needed a way to extend that service into her barn without trenching a 250 foot cable between the buildings. Missy took her problem to her friends at techcorner and asked if they had any ideas on how to

get internet service to extend over such a great distance.

Thyfault Performance Horses customer, and owner of techcorner, David Crawford had the perfect solution. A Ghost Bridge. The Ghost Bridge is a transmitter/receiver pair ofdevices that is designed to transmit network signals, including high-speed Internet, over

distances that can exceed a mile. techcorner has installed many of these devices with great success and believed that this would solve Missy’s problem.

It took about an hour to figure out the best placement for the transmitter and receiver and another hour or so to install the devices. The connection worked on the first try and Missywas able to extend her home internet service to the barn using an Apple Airport Extreme

in the house and an Apple Airport Express in the barn. The internet was transmitted between the buildings at a distance exceeding 250 feet with no trenched wires.

Today, Missy takes videos and uploads them to various social media sites and conducts her business from wherever it’s convenient, the house or the barn!

For more information on how this amazing, and surprisingly cost-effective solution works, contact Jeff at techcorner at 330-837-5770 or at

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